• Paying Guest Accommodation
  • Many students migrate to Delhi to achieve their goals. If you are a student or a single person and staying far off from your home then of course you need a safe paying guest accommodation to live in. So, mostly people prefer staying in PG Accommodation. Paying guest accommodation is one of the safe and protected homes for all of those persons who are doing job or study far away from their hometown. But in today's date, one of the major difficulties faced by every person is to get the right and secured place.

    Happyproperty.in will help you getting the safe PG accommodation in South Delhi. We are one of the best and reputed real estate service providers and deal in different types of properties in India. We assure our people to provide them luxury facilities with best accommodation nearby their job location.

    Happyproperty.in offers best possible PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave with ample of conveniences that include:

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  • Location

    First come to the location part, we have already discussed that we provide PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave South Delhi that is most suitable place for you. Whether you are in job or studying nearby Safdarjung, just visit us to make your stay comfortable, safe and sound.

  • PG Accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave South Delhi
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  • PG Accommodation in South Delhi
  • Proper Facilities

    Of course when you will look for the PG accommodation in South Delhi then your main concern will be about the enough facilities so that you can live in comfort. We provide you ample of services that will make you feel very easy and stress free.

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  • 24 Hours Hot and Cold Water

    Another major concern by tenants is water supply. In this matter, you won't have to take any tension because we provide 24x7 hot and cold water as per our tenant's convenience.

  • Paying Guest Accommodation in South Delhi
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  • Meals with Snacks and Brunch Offers in South Delhi
  • Three Time Meals with Snacks and Brunch Offers

    You can easily choose happyproperty to find the luxury PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave and we arrange your all needs and requirements what actually you need in first phase of life that is obviously the food. If the food is not good so it is difficult to compromise but the PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave Delhi we offer will win your heart. We offer very delicious with number of food items all three times every day. Whether in breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food you eat is lip smacking and we also offer snacks in evening time.

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  • Daily Housekeeping Service

    To maintain every room in PG accommodation in South Delhi, we have hired the experienced housekeepers on a daily basis. They come in morning and sweep and clean each room in PG accommodation.

  • Daily Housekeeping Service in South Delhi
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  • Bedroom in South Delhi PG
  • Bedroom

    In our PG accommodation, the beds are very well-maintained so that when you rest you can comfortably sleep.

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  • Number of Rooms

    We have various rooms and it depends on you that in which room you want to stay as our every room varies in cost. There are one seated bedroom, two seated bedrooms, three seated bedrooms and even four seated bedrooms. It depends on your choice of living in room of PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave.

  • Number of Rooms in South Delhi PG
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  • Wi-Fi in South Delhi PG
  • Wi-Fi

    We have provided free wi-fi connection and you can enjoy unlimited internet connection by configuring in your laptop and mobile applications at our PG rooms.

    Thus, you are welcome to our PG accommodation in Safdarjung Enclave Delhi anytime to obtain ample of facilities in safe PG accommodation.

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